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“Beautiful Minds, Unique Perspectives”

Be xtraordinary

NeuroBoost Lab. 

Focused on the empowerment, inclusion and recognition of the value and potential of neurodivergent people in society.

About Us

We are a committed and passionate team made up of experts in the development of communication tools and technology who, in turn, are mothers, fathers, uncles, relatives and friends of people with autism and other characteristics of neurodiversity.

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"Forget about normal

we are and will

be extraordinary" 

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Neuro Boost LAB

Development of Applied Technologies

Through the creation, development and experimentation of new technologies, we focus on providing adaptive solutions and specific tools that enhance and improve the communication skills of neurodivergent people.

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Innovation in design and communication

We foster an environment of innovation and technological development in design and communication, promoting the creation of new multimedia solutions that improve the quality of life and the participation of neurodivergent people in society, promoting and disseminating accessible information and using universal design principles.

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Analysis of emerging trends

We collect and analyze emerging trends, challenges and opportunities in the field of communication and the development of new technologies related to neurodiversity. We disseminate relevant and updated information, in collaboration with relevant actors in the sector, promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences, monitoring and evaluating the impact of initiatives to meet the changing needs of the community.

Friends and Associates

Our Partners

The importance of teamwork and the commitment of our friends and partners is essential for the success and impact of our project. We pool our skills, knowledge and resources to develop innovative and effective solutions in the field of neurodiversity.


They play a crucial role in the process of creating and disseminating tools and supports, expanding our reach and strengthening our ability to make an extraordinary difference in society.

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Working With the Best Partners

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Reasons to join 

"An innovative profile in inclusive communication"

"Be Xtraordinary stands out for its innovative profile by incorporating new communication and multimedia tools, specifically designed to improve the executive and performance skills of people on the spectrum, fostering a personalized and inclusive approach that enhances their unique capabilities."


Lucila Vidal

Autism Specialist and Special Education Teacher - Argentina

Sobre Be X

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