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We are a committed and passionate team made up of experts in the development of communication tools and technology who, in turn, are mothers, fathers, uncles, relatives and friends of people with autism and other characteristics of neurodiversity. ​


We are dedicated to developing, creating and disseminating technological and communication tools and solutions focused on empowerment, inclusion and recognition of the value and potential that neurodivergent people bring to society. ​


We are united by the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to learn, thrive, and be recognized for their amazing abilities and unique talents. ​ Join us on this exciting adventure and discover how, together, we can make this world a more inclusive and extraordinary place.


Our mission  OOO

Our mission is to promote the inclusion, empowerment and recognition of neurodivergent people in society, providing them with opportunities to develop and enhance their unique abilities. We focus on the creation and dissemination of modern technological and communication tools and solutions that facilitate their integration and participation in all aspects of daily life.


We are committed to working closely with families, institutions, and professionals to create an environment in which neurodivergent individuals can thrive, being valued and respected for their talents and contributions. We strongly believe in the importance of diversity and acceptance, and we strive to raise awareness and understanding of neurodiversity in our society. ​

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Our history  OOO

Our story began with the diagnosis of a loved one on the autism spectrum. Faced with this reality, we face the difficulties of finding and accessing adequate information and intelligent tools that will facilitate the lives of our neurodivergent children, youth, and adults, allowing them to develop, learn, and enjoy their environment.


It was within this framework that we realized the importance of having solutions and resources tailored to their specific needs and that is when we set out to do something about it.


In our search we developed routines, tools and experiences in collaboration with wonderful health professionals, specialized in the field of neurodiversity. Over time, these efforts paid off, as we were able to see a positive impact on the lives of our children and loved ones and how it was celebrated.


Today, at Be Xtraordinary, we are committed to sharing those experiences and solutions with the world, so that other neurodivergent families and individuals can benefit from these advances and enjoy a fuller and more rewarding life.

Identity +
our brand

The brand is founded on the idea that each individual is extraordinary in their own way, and that everyone deserves the opportunity to develop, learn and enjoy their lives. The name "Be Xtraordinary" is a pun...


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