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Be Xtraordinary

The development of our identity was a search in which the name and the concept sought to inspire and promote the empowerment and recognition of the value and potential of neurodivergent people in our society.


The why of our identity

OOOInspiration OOO 

Baltazar, a 5-year-old autistic boy whose name begins with the letter B, was the inspiration behind this project. Passionate aboutwhales, fish and rockets, Baltazar finds magic and comfort in the colors green and blue ("a little bit of green and a little bit of blue"), symbols of calm, balance and harmony. With unlimited potential, Baltazar explores and lives in fantastic worlds that he has created in his mind. Through the fusion of different approaches, he has managed to enhance and acquire skills that have helped him grow and prosper. His parents have always believed in his extraordinary ability and effort that, together with the community and excellent professionals who have supported him in his first steps on this journey, have shown that

there is the opportunity to develop, learn and enjoy life from "another perspective".

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