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¿Is my brain neurodivergent?

Is it worth knowing? How does it help me?

Have you ever felt or thought that you process information differently from others? Then maybe you could be neurodivergent! Some common neurodivergent conditions are autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and dyscalculia. To find out, you would have to reflect on your experiences or even go to a professional. And why is it useful to know if you are neurodivergent? Here are some reasons: Know yourself! Understanding your neurodivergence allows you to know how to face challenges, adapt better and achieve your goals. Resources at your fingertips: If you know you are neurodivergent, you can look for specific tools and supports that make life easier at work, school or in your relationships. Goodbye stigma: Understanding that neurodivergence is just another way of being helps you accept yourself and fight stigma. Community: You are not alone! Knowing your neurodivergence allows you to connect with other people with similar experiences. Express yourself! By acknowledging your own neurodivergence, you can help raise awareness and promote inclusion in our society. Sometimes uncertainty or fears do not let you move forward, but knowing if your brain is neurodivergent can be very useful to get to know yourself better, find resources, fight stigma, connect with others and promote a more inclusive and . Come on, encourage yourself to discover, enjoy and celebrate your differences!


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